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Ameren Honors Woolpert for Exceptional Safety

Ameren Corp. has awarded an Ameren-Contractor Eagle Award to Woolpert for the firm’s annual manhole inspection project, conducted in the City of St. Louis. The award was bestowed at the annual Ameren/Contractor Safety Forum this spring.

As stated on the plaque, the honor is “in recognition of exceptional safety performance and commitment to the safety of your employees.”

Bryan Smith is a geospatial technician with Woolpert, a national architecture, engineering and geospatial firm headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.

“From January to October of every year since 2009, we have done a portion of this project in St. Louis,” said Smith, who works out of Woolpert’s office in Fairview Heights, Ill. “We check the structural integrity of the manholes throughout the city.”

Smith singled out John Owens and Cathy Wilcut, two Woolpert field crew members, as crucial to the achievement of this honor. He said this award confirms that Woolpert works responsibly and effectively.

“This award says that we as a company do the things the way that they’re supposed to be done, and the way required by the client,” Smith said.

Sarah Donohue — supervisor administration, corporate safety — said Ameren has awarded an average of five Eagle Awards each year for the last four years.

“The number of contractors varies year to year,” she said. “The Eagle Award is only for transmission and distribution contractors.”

Donohue added that for 2014, the year for which Woolpert earned the award, Ameren retained approximately 45 contractors.
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