Alessandro Caldera

Pipeline Analytics mourns the death of Alessandro Caldera, the visionary who created the market for pipe inspection software 20 years ago when he developed WinCan, according to a company press release.

Caldera was just 61 years old, but in his time he accomplished bringing software technology to the discipline of underground infrastructure and continually incorporating new innovations such as GIS mapping, side-scan imaging, asset management, image measurement, geometric analysis and 3D visualization. As he pursued these innovations, he also had the foresight to build the management and product teams necessary to ensure WinCan users would benefit from cutting-edge technology and industry-leading support well beyond his involvement with the company.

Caldera’s professional legacy consists, in large part, of WinCan — an industry-renowned software that claims the market’s largest installed base and broadest global reach. Today, the company pursues Caldera’s vision from its Swiss-based headquarters, where the development, management and support teams are anchored; from regional offices in England, Germany and France; and through Pipeline Analytics, the exclusive WinCan sales and support organization for North and South America, the release said.
“Anyone who knew Alessandro remembers his passion for programming and his commitment to bring emerging technologies to pipeline inspection,” says Mike Russin, account manager at Pipeline Analytics. “Perhaps his greatest contribution in recent years was to build a team that could carry on his vision in his absence. We will miss him terribly, but his spirit lives on in every corner of this company.”

Caldera is survived by his wife Patricia, a company shareholder who in recent years has become increasingly involved with corporate governance in coordination with the company’s managing director, Martin Hien. Caldera is also survived by two sons.

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