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Agru America Inc. Opens Large Diameter Pipe Production Facility in Charleston, South Carolina

Agru America LogoAgru America’s newest manufacturing center in Charleston, South Carolina aimed at meeting the international demand for next-generation large diameter HDPE pipes commenced production in early April 2017. The facility, located on Charleston Harbor, is producing AGRULINE pipes with dimensions of up to OD 98.4 in. designed for high volume flow applications including gas, potable water, and wastewater.


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Agru produces the large diameter piping systems from PE100, PE100-RC or PE4710 resins allowing for better long-term hydraulic properties, which save operation costs and provide high resistance to corrosion, wear and tear and UV radiation. These properties, together with the system’s fast and efficient installation, make AGRULINE large diameter pipes the perfect solution for both on- and offshore projects.

With pipes available up to OD 98.4 in and 1,968 ft. in length and associated fittings, the AGRULINE piping system is designed for high volume flow applications such as cooling water intakes for power plants, large sewage systems, sea water desalination or mining jobs. The ductility of PE withstands water hammers and pressure surges, where other materials would crack or burst. AGRULINE large diameter pipes are available in a wide range of SDRs in accordance with recognized ISO or ASTM International pressure rating procedures.

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The AGRULINE large diameter piping system is made from tough, durable extruded polyethylene, which never corrodes. This proven maintenance-free design saves operating costs compared to other solutions made from metallics or concrete. Furthermore, the high abrasion and UV radiation resistance ensure a prolonged life span. The most important part of a piping system is the internal surface, which is responsible for a smooth hydraulic flow. AGRULINE provides the advantages of PE, which means that internal bio-growth and incrustations are virtually non-existent, offering the best long-term hydraulic properties.

Polyethylene is highly flexible, lightweight and easily welded. These characteristics result in superior laying properties, allowing various installation methods both on- and offshore. The flexibility and superior toughness of AGRULINE large diameter PE pipe provide for a reliable and efficient sinking process for offshore installation. Despite their enormous size, AGRULINE large diameter pipes are lightweight, reducing transport and installation costs on-site.

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For best-in-class logistics and overall job site efficiency, Agru’s new production facility in Charleston, SC allows extrusion of up to 1,968 ft. long pipe strings right into the harbor. Such long pipelines can save significant joining and labor costs during installation since job-site welding can be minimized or eliminated entirely. Thanks to their buoyancy in water when both ends are sealed, these pipe strings can be towed by vessels worldwide over the oceans to their final destinations. The Charleston facility can also ship pipe using more traditional logistics such as truck or rail as warranted by project requirements.