Insituform Daytona Beach project

Aegion Awarded $6.8 Million Contract from West Palm Beach, Florida

Trenchless Technology NewsThe City of West Palm Beach, Florida awarded Aegion Corp. a $6.8 million contract for its Insituform Technologies LLC subsidiary to rehabilitate 6,000 ft of 48-in. diameter force main sewer pipelines.

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Insituform is expected to begin the project in May with completion by Sept. 1. A flow bypass system will be set up throughout the project in order to minimize disruption to the community as Insituform crews install the InsituMain system. This large-diameter pipeline transfers all wastewater from the Town of Palm Beach and the City of West Palm Beach to the East Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in West Palm Beach.

“The award of this contract is a direct result of our investments in R&D to develop innovative solutions for the pressure pipe rehabilitation market. Our new liner materials provide an effective solution for large-diameter pipelines,” said Charles R. Gordon, Aegion’s president and CEO. “We will continue to target this key market with improvements to our existing products and new innovations as well as the patented Fusible PVC pipe technology offered through our recent acquisition of Underground Solutions, Inc.”

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The City of West Palm Beach evaluated dig and replace, sliplining and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solutions before selecting Insituform’s CIPP technology as the method to rehabilitate this pipeline.

For more than 40 years, Insituform Technologies LLC has been a global leader in the development and installation of proprietary technologies and services for rehabilitating sewer, water and other underground piping systems without digging or disruption.
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