ADS Environmental Services, a leader infull-service sewer flow monitoring, announced the 30th anniversary of itsfounding and the creation of computerized wastewater flow monitoring. Tocelebrate its continued leadership and technological strength in wastewater flowmonitoring, ADS Environmental Services introduced a new Scattergraph Poster atthe WEF Collection System Specialty Conference in Boston.

Peter Petroff founded ADS on June 29, 1975. He wasa rocket scientist with NASA who had the vision to see the possibilities ofputting together Intel’s new Dynamic Memory Chips, (DRAMs) with state-of-the-artsensors to build a modern data logger. Solving the problem of trying to makesense from dozens to hundreds of monitoring stations, all using strip charts,Petroff invented one of the first commercial products to use Dynamic Memory.

Sales of sewer data loggers and related servicesover the last 30 years likely exceed $1 billion. ADS Environmental Services hascontinued this rich tradition of leading the industry with innovative technologyin both hardware and software solutions throughout these 30 years. ADS’commitment to the use of Scattergraphs in collection system data analysis isanother example of the company’s technological strength and industryleadership.

“The Scattergraph Poster is designed as aneducational resource for wastewater professionals — introducing basic principlesand exploring practical applications,” said Pat Stevens, vice president ofengineering for ADS. “Scattergraphs are a powerful tool for displaying depth andvelocity data, providing insight into sewer conditions and determiningperformance of flow monitors.”

The examples in this poster were selected fromthousands of flow monitoring locations evaluated by ADS each year. The flowmonitoring data originate from 24 cities in 16 states in sewers ranging from 10to 120 in. in diameter. For more information on the diagnostic capabilities ofscattergraphs or to request a Scattergraph Poster from ADS go

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