Recognizing Women in Trenchless, Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker, CCIFP, CRIS, SPHR

Vice President of Operations, SSC Underground

Michelle Walker serves as the Vice President of Operations at SSC Underground, an Arizona trenchless technology company that offers trenchless installations via auger boring, TBM, pilot-tube auger boring, hand tunneling and SBU, along with a full-service vacuum excavation and SUE division. With 25 years’ experience working in the underground construction environment, she brings specialized knowledge from both a business and technical perspective to safety, project management, and logistical issues. Since joining in 1998, Michelle has risen up the ranks and held multiple positions within the organization. Credentials she has earned include Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional, Senior Professional in Human Resources, and Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist. 

Michelle  Walker

Her areas of responsibility include company strategy, succession, business development, technology integration, accounting/finance, human resources, workforce development, and more. She contributes to project development by ensuring full regulatory compliance, managing funding, creating schedules of values for positive cash flow, and directing all facets of risk management and safety.  She works closely with owner/president Arvid Veidmark on project pursuits and in the consulting arm of the company, Trenchless Constructability & Design.  Michelle has been an integral part of the creation of the company’s core values and has worked to create programs that instill the “I AM SSC” into the daily operations of the team and ingrained in SSC’s culture. 

Michelle was the founding chairman and remains an active leader and advocate for the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention, addressing the issue of construction having the highest suicide rate of any industry.

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