Recognizing Women in Trenchless, Lisa Pike

Lisa Pike

Sr. Project Manager, Clearwater Municipal Services

Lisa Pike began her trenchless career in 2006 working as a field technician performing fog testing and MH inspections for D.M. Robichaud Associates Ltd (DMR).  With her new-found understanding of gravity sewers, she moved to the office becoming a data technologist producing the company’s CCTV deliverable reporting packages and assisting with the operations department. She then progressed into co-ordination duties where she was soon promoted to project coordinator and eventually project manager in 2015.   Lisa owes a large part of her success to the valuable knowledge she has learned from experienced field staff and equipment operators performing the various trenchless works. Lisa has a keen understanding of trenchless technologies such as lateral CIPP lining, spot repairs, grouting, cutting, reaming, mainline UV CIPP, as well as large diameter trunk sewer cleaning and inspection. She has co-authored several published articles detailing the many benefits and challenges of performing remote trenchless work.

Lisa Pike

Working with rehabilitation leaders including the team at DMR, Lisa also co-managed collaborative projects with Clean Water Works in 2017 and then joined Capital Sewer Services Inc. in 2019 managing CIPP projects while gaining valuable experience. In 2020, Lisa started at Clearwater Municipal Services Inc. (CMS) as Sr. Project Manager where, as part of the management team, she is helping to grow the trenchless division with a level of professionalism and integrity for which Clearwater is known.  Lisa thoroughly enjoys assessing various issues and recommending targeted trenchless techniques to suit the specific engineering and budgetary needs of the client.

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