Recognizing Women in Trenchless, Cori Criss

Cori Criss

President, ITpipes

Cori Criss is a senior entrepreneurial executive with more than 25 years of experience in the infrastructure data management industry.  Cori is the President of ITpipes, a renowned software company specializing in innovative solutions for the management and inspection of underground infrastructure. With a deep passion for leveraging technology to solve complex challenges, Cori has made significant contributions to underground asset management.

Cori Criss

Throughout her professional life, Cori has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify gaps in the market and develop cutting-edge solutions. She recognized the need for efficient, reliable, and data-driven approaches to managing underground infrastructure, which led her to co-found and build two proven, successful companies from the ground up.  Starting in 1996, she founded WinCan America, pioneering the CCTV inspection software market in the US.  In 2009, she co-founded ITpipes with Al Rossmeisl after realizing the need for a US-based pipe inspection software that was designed to work seamlessly with Esri and asset management software.  Under her leadership, ITpipes has grown to become the market leader, providing state-of-the-art inspection and data solutions to a wide range of clients, including municipalities, utilities, and engineering firms.

As the President of ITpipes, Cori’s proudest achievement is the culture of innovation and teamwork within the organization she fosters, inspiring her team to push boundaries and develop groundbreaking technologies. Thanks to this focus on culture, many of ITpipes’ current employees and clients have been with Cori for over 20 years.  And while Cori has been the leader, she is the first to admit it is her amazing team that has propelled ITpipes to the forefront of the industry, enabling clients to optimize their infrastructure management processes and make data-informed decisions.

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