World Trenchless Day 2022

Watch These World Trenchless Day Video Tributes

For World Trenchless Day 2022 we reached out to the industry and asked people to submit brief videos with their World Trenchless Day messages.

So many great companies, organizations and individuals stepped up and submitted a video.  So, pop some corn, grab a box of M&Ms and your favorite beverage and enjoy the videos!  

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Watch the Videos Here!

Be sure to like, forward, and share your favorite videos to help us spread the word about the benefits of trenchless technology! The video with the most social activity will be played during the World Trenchless Day Municipal Roundtable Webcast at 2 p.m. Eastern on 9/22/22! Register to attend the webcast here.

Happy World Trenchless Day from all of us at Trenchless Technology!

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