Vortex Companies Partners with BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG

The Vortex Companies is growing its suite of trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation products thanks in part to a new partnership with BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. Kg.

Vortex Companies has partnered with BKP Berolina to distribute and sell its BKP Berolina-Liner – an industry leading ultraviolet cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner – in the United StatesMexico and Canada.

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“BKP Berolina has been looking to enter the U.S. UV CIPP market for a long time,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “We have the experience and resources to deliver this product, allowing us to provide an alternative CIPP solution to our customers. Berolina-Liner offers a measure of quality and performance yet to be matched in the UV category, which is good for both the end customer and the installer.”

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Developed for gravity sewers ranging from 6 to 63 in. in diameter, Berolina-Liner is precisely manufactured using resin impregnated glass fiber complexes between two watertight film tubes equipped with styrene barriers. Unlike traditional CIPP processes, Berolina-Liner is cured using a UV light source.

“We manufacture Berolina-Liner in an ISO 9001 compliant facility for the sole purpose of producing a high quality, defect-free UV liner that is installation-ready for our customers,” stated Thomas Christiansen, BKP Berolina Group CEO. “We are extremely excited to be partnering with the Vortex team. They have a history of success introducing products and technology to the U.S. Market.”

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Formed in the 1990s, BKP Berolina developed and introduced the Berolina-Liner System, a family of pipe rehabilitation liners, equipment, and technology, in 1996. To date, more than 12.5 million lf of Berolina-Liner has been installed throughout the world.

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“With so many variables and environmental conditions dictating customer needs, adding a UV CIPP solution complements our current line of trenchless rehabilitation technology, inclusive of robotics, coatings, CIPP resins and application systems,” added Andrew Gonnella, president, Vortex Products Division. “We’ve done our due-diligence and believe the Berolina-Liner technology and installation advantages are best-in-class. I have tapped Mark Hallett, VP & General Manager of our Vortex Technology Group, to lead all commercial efforts related to Berolina-Liner. Under his leadership, I could not be more excited about the future of this product line.”

SOURCE – Vortex Companies