The Vortex Companies launched a new website, a testament to the company’s growth that showcases its trenchless infrastructure services and trenchless rehabilitation products.

The new website features an upgraded, streamlined design and is meant to provide a better user experience for customers seeking information about Vortex and its capabilities in providing trenchless technology solutions.

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As both our product and service divisions continue to growth, it’s critical that our website maintains the same pace and deliver a similar experience to that of our sales team,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “At the end of the day, we want website visitors and customers to clearly understand that we are an experienced and innovative trenchless solutions provider.”

The site is intended to be a comprehensive resource for municipal, industrial, commercial facility asset owners, as well as installation contractors who perform trenchless infrastructure work. It will also be regularly updated with blog posts, news and industry event listings.

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“As a leader in the trenchless technology industry, we felt it was very important that our new website be not only informative, but educational as well,” commented Kit Jones, vice president of bran and marketing communications. “We’re excited to debut the site and show the industry how Vortex has grown and expanded; especially in our products division that now boasts a much more robust line-up of construction repair materials, leak stop products, CIPP resins and specialty industrial coatings.”

SOURCE – Vortex Companies

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