Vactor Mfg. Produces 10,000th Unit

Vactor Mfg., a leading maker of sewer and catch-basin cleaners, in Septemberproduced its 10,000th sewer cleaning truck, a milestone unmatched in theindustry, Vactor officials say.

Currently manufactured in Streator, Ill., Vactor sewer cleaners have been apreferred brand for most municipalities and public works departments since theproduct’s inception in 1964, said Mark Weber, president of Federal SignalEnvironmental Products Group, parent company of Vactor. “We’re very proud ofthis achievement,” Weber said, “because we couldn’t have reached this milestoneif we hadn’t been diligent in meeting customer requirements.”

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Dan Schueller, general manager of the Streator facility, noted that eachVactor unit is custom built, based on specifications provided by the customer orthe customer’s Vactor dealer. “We take the best technology in the industry andbuild every Vactor with care and precision, right here in Streator.”

Weber said the company is extremely proud of its legacy and contributions tohelping keep cities clean and improve the environment. “Vactor is dedicated todesigning and building machines that exceed customer expectations, which webelieve will position the company for continued growth in this market,” he said.

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The 10,000th unit, a Vactor 2112 is mounted on a 2006 Sterling LT 9513chassis and features an 18-in. roots blower, 8-ft telescoping boom and 1,300-galwater tank. It provides 80 gpm of flow at 2,500 psi.

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