Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Vector Magnetics

The Intersect Specialists

Vector Magnetics

ParaTrack™ Magnetic Intersect technology traces its origins back to the year 1980 when Vector Magnetics successfully intersected a 12 ¼” steel casing at 18,562 feet near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Vector Magnetics has since delivered thousands of successful intersections for customers around the globe. 

Vector Magnetics first released the ParaTrack™ Guidance System to the HDD market in 1999. 

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Just one year later, ParaTrack™ Magnetic Intersect guided the world’s first successful HDD intersection while drilling under the Tees River in England, operated by Prime Horizontal. The feat was replicated the following year when Prime Horizontal completed the world’s second HDD intersection under the Maas River in the Netherlands. 

Building upon that early success, ParaTrack™ Magnetic Intersect was quickly adopted by the industry and has become the world’s most widely used HDD intersect system. 

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 Magnetic Intersect is available as part of the standard ParaTrack™ HDD Guidance System and requires no intersect-specific hardware. Magnetic Intersect data are acquired as part of normal pilot bore surveying using standard ParaTrack™ guidance equipment. This simplifies the tool configuration, minimizing the number of potential failure points, while keeping operating costs low. 

ParaTrack™ Magnetic Intersect delivers a multifaceted approach, offering an array of both active and passive intersect options, reducing engineer design constraints and expanding the scope of what is constructable by HDD. 

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