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Marksman HDD Guidance System from Subsite® Electronics Cuts Through High- Interference for Superior Performance

The Subsite Electronics Marksman™ HDD Guidance System is designed to perform in high-interference environments and features the widest range of frequencies in a single beacon available on the market. The Marksman’s Bore Path Analyzer scans the most usable frequencies and selects the best choice to avoid interference, helping operators drill more efficiently and accurately. The new guidance system offers improved communication between the tracker and beacon at extended depths (130-plus feet) and, the beacon’s dual-power mode offers consistent performance across housing sizes to increase bore productivity.

Ease-of-use is another key element in the design of the Marksman system. The tracker is operated with a single toggle control, with no extra buttons or triggers. The system also gives operators their choice of user interface so they can choose the option that makes the most sense to them. The new Marksman View is easy to learn, featuring intuitive graphics and clear data, while those already familiar with Subsite trackers will recognize the Classic View interface. The streamlined controls and choice of user-friendly interfaces work together to help operators be more productive on the job from day one.

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“In today’s growing urban areas, high amounts of interference can negatively impact jobsite productivity,” said Rodolpho Cabello, HDD guidance and utility locating product manager for Subsite. “Luckily, the Marksman cuts through the noise. With the widest frequency in the market today, you can confidently go downhole with 64 power level and frequency combinations at your disposal. The Marksman’s Bore Path Analyzer scans the most usable frequencies and selects the best choice to avoid interference so you can drill more efficiently and accurately.”

The Marksman is designed to allow current TK Recon customers, including those that own a Commander 7 or Ditch Witch® customers who own a drill with an integrated display, to retain their display which has a 2,000-foot range between the tracker and drill operator. For customers needing GPS solutions, an integrated GPS is included as standard, not an add-on, while maintaining the ability to connect to an external GPS device.

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The Marksman offers two advanced locating methods. Users can select between Walkover Mode, which lets you pinpoint drill-head locations with peak and null techniques, or an improved Drill-To Mode with an unrestricted extended range that enables the drill operator to make real-time corrections further out, expediting the drilling process.

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