Trenchless Technology Game Changers: SEWPER® LINER

SEWPER® LINER by IMERYS: a new innovative and sustainable mineral solution to protect new wastewater assets from H2S corrosion

Sewper Liner

With 30 years of proven performance of our flagship product SewperCoat®, Imerys has innovated to offer a new more sustainable mineral solution.  It is designed to be used at a competitive price point in applications where the industry standard inert products are typically used to protect wastewater assets exposed to H2S corrosion.  SEWPER® LINER is based on the calcium aluminate technology of SewperCoat® to provide exceptional H2S corrosion resistance, but optimized to protect new concrete surfaces.  It offers a game-changing alternative to commonly used inert coatings and linings: a mineral solution able to offer a long service life and a reduced environmental footprint.

SEWPERⓇ LINER is a dry, ready-to-use, high-performance mortar composed of calcium aluminate binder and aggregates. It is designed to protect newly built concrete structures in wastewater treatment plants and other sewage network assets such as: grit chambers, sludge tanks, trunk sewers, pump stations, and precast concrete shapes.  SEWPERⓇ LINER offers monolithic bonding to concrete surfaces, high productivity, fast application, adhesion to smooth, flat surfaces that are wet or dry, with exceptional durability and less impact on health and the environment with no BPA and VOC compounds.  SEWPER® LINER is designed to be spray-applied in a thin layer – 5/32” to 1/4” (4-6 mm) – on large flat new concrete surfaces with minimal preparation.  Large surfaces can be protected in a rapid and productive way with the absence of dust, an almost zero rebound rate, and the absence of any solvent.  SEWPER® LINER also provides resistance to pure water, salt water, sulphonated soils and other dilute acids.

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The new SEWPER® LINER product effectively provides new wastewater assets the proven H2S Biogenic Corrosion Resistance that SewperCoat® has demonstrated for over 30 years for the rehabilitation of same assets.

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