Resinating LLC

Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Resinating LLC

Resinating LLC

Resinating LLC’s Innovative, Patented Installation Process: The Game Changer

Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners installed using Expand-in-Place Integration (EIPI) Technology will change the face of the rehabilitation industry in the years to come.

  • No More Infiltration
  • No More Sinkholes
  • No More Exfiltration
  • No More Delamination Issues
  • No More Pipe Sag Issues
  • No More Pipe Intrusion Problems
  • No More Problems with Severely Offset Joints
  • No More Ballooning and Thinning Into Voids/Large Spaces
  • No More Deterioration of the Rehabilitated Structure
  • No More Re-Rehabilitations
  • No More “Perfect Installation” Assumptions Required

By bonding Resinating Liners to the substrate of manholes, pipes, wet-wells, culverts and the like in wastewater, stormwater and freshwater systems, a single integrated rehabilitated structure is created that’s warranted not to leak for 20 years and likely won’t leak for its expected life in excess of 100 years. Installed using EIPI Technology, the rehabilitated structure is stronger than it was when it was new.

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There are no health hazards with EIPI Technology. Competitively priced on Day 1 with no extra WWTP treatment costs for ongoing infiltration and no re-rehabilitations required down the road, EIPI Technology is also highly cost-effective over the longer term, offering municipalities and utilities substantial savings over today’s rehabilitation options. EIPI Technology:

  • Can rehabilitate pipes and manholes with 30” to 192” diameters,
  • Bond to any substrate including RCP, VCP, Brick, PVC and Cast Iron,
  • Conform to any shape – cylindrical, tapered, non-round, rectangular, arched, etc.

Resinating Liners installed with EIPI Technology will be THE GAME CHANGER that will reset the direction of the rehabilitation industry. No more disappointments…EIPI is a one-and-done rehabilitation solution.
The “Forever” Rehabilitation Solution

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