Trenchless Technology Game Changers: ProKASRO

Efficient solution for manhole rehabilitations – UV curing still on the rise

To operate the installation of CIPP pipe liners in an efficient manner ProKASRO produces the KASRO UV curing systems since 2003. The use of specially designed UV lamps and their shadow free positioning on the UV light core facilitates trouble free liner installations in the sewer from DN 150 (6 inch) up to DN 2000 (80 inch).

In 2019 ProKASRO has responded to the increasing demand in the field of manhole rehabilitation and designed the 4 x 1000W UV light source core with camera and 2 temperature sensors. A separate control unit in a small flightcase with logging, temperature and pressure measurement as well as a single packer DN500 (20 inch) with straps for the crane suspension for easy insertion into the shaft are included in the mobile UV system. With this system, manholes can be restored to an excellent condition. If there are heavily damaged manholes with fractures, cracks and other types of damage, rehabilitation using UV technology is the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to excavation and complete manhole renewal. Another field of sewer rehabilitation carried out by the still growing UV curing technology.

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