Omega Liner Company

Revolutionizing the CIPP Installation Process

When we set out on this journey, little did we realize where it would lead us. We saw firsthand that there was a real opportunity for change with the way pipelining materials were being manufactured and distributed, industry wide. We knew what had worked for us and what simply did not. This journey led us here as Omega Liner Company, Inc.

Why did we set out to build our own liner company you might ask? While almost all UV Liners have similar specifications, use similar materials, and work essentially the same way, they are far from being equivalent.

When we started with CIPP we knew we needed to apply some of that knowledge to our products.

Ωmega Liners have been designed with the installer in mind, from the ease of handling and installation, to building robust shipping crates. Keeping our partners needs in the forefront, we knew we had to deliver finished products in a timely manner. For this reason, we were committed to sourcing quality raw materials from the USA.

Beyond our material products, Omega offers patented technologies and processes for installation, combined with a unique approach to customer service and support. We wanted to change the relationship with our customers from one of supplier, to one of Partner.

Omega Liner Company

As we settled into the manufacturing world, we continued to hear the same frustrations from our contractors, and we wanted to help find solutions to their challenges. One of the many obstacles installers face is the physical challenge of working with large diameter liners at the jobsite. Their massive size makes the logistics of handling extremely difficult to work with.

One of the first liner handling machines to hit the market was the FR Series powered Feed Roller attachment from Omega Liner Company, Inc. These machines are built from lightweight, aerospace grade aluminum, with a highly flexible design which permits operation in the most challenging terrains, using commonly available equipment. One of the key design features of the FR Series is its ability to be converted to a wider roller package in a short period of time, using standard shop tools. The FR1400supports liner sizes up to 36”and up to 72” with the optional extension package.

The FR1400 Powered Feed Roller has a 7,500lb load capacity, weighs less than 1,000lbs, is small enough to fit in the bed of a pickup truck and runs off standard worksite generators. All these characteristics has made it a highly versatile machine, optimizing the liner installation process for contractors, and has improved liner installation efficiency.

In the last several years, the FR1400 has found use with a variety of installers and has allowed them to complete difficult projects with ease and confidence. In some circumstances the jobs may not have been possible using conventional conveying equipment and techniques.

For more information about Omega Liners, the FR Series Powered Feed Rollers or to see what other specialized liner handling equipment Omega Liner Company, Inc. offers, please contact our sales team. | [email protected] | 1-605-558-1020