Trenchless Technology Game Changers: InfoSense Inc.

Optimizing Collection System Cleaning

Since its commercial release in early 2012, the award-winning Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT®, has helped over one thousand utilities around the world look at more than 400 million feet of small diameter gravity sewer. 

Using acoustics to quickly and cost effectively screen their systems for blockage, allows for wastewater utilities to get away from wasteful time-based cleaning protocols – and to clean the right pipe at the right time. 

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Through this focused cleaning strategy, enabled by the SL-RAT®, the utility owner can now reallocate unneeded sewer cleaning labor hours, optimize hot spot programs, cut back on flushing water, reduce fuel usage and operating costs for cleaning equipment, and thus achieve a rapid return on their acoustic inspection investment.

Inspect more.  Clean better.

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