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Fast and efficient CIPP with THE SHOOTER

THE SHOOTER® by Emagineered Solutions is the original continuous air-inverter for CIPP and for decades has been the standard in the industry. Simple to operate and built to last, THE SHOOTER® is the right tool to make your company more efficient and profitable for years to come. THE SHOOTER® 12 has a range of 4”-12” and up to 15” with the Conversion Kit, a Knife Gate for after the liner tail passes and comes with either the Self-Lubricating Hand Truck or the Basic Non-Oiler Cart. THE SHOOTER® 24 for 15”-24” is trailer-mounted and comes with a Knife Gate and Remote Operating Station on the fender. An optional Conversion Kit expands its range from 6”-24”. Additional equipment offered include full steam packages with portable dry steam generators, steam hose, A and B Stations, Water Cure flanges, and LED UV Y adapters. THE SHOOTER® is proudly crafted in Redmond, Oregon USA.

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