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Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Brownline


The Most Advanced Steering Tool in the HDD Industry

Brownline’s Drillguide GST is the original, standalone Gyro Steering Tool specifically designed for HDD operations used as the primary survey and reporting system. The industry leading technology consists of highly accurate components and software which provide a proven accuracy of 0.01º in pitch and 0.04º in azimuth. The Drillguide GST provides real time, highly accurate navigational information which allows for a smoother bore trajectory and has proven to reduce drag and stress during installation.

To compliment the GST, Brownline has developed a comprehensive selection of Steering Systems for a multitude of HDD projects;

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For Intersecting Projects, Brownline has developed the Drillguide Radar System. As the bore paths reach the point of intersect, the RADAR Systems are activated and the two systems Actively communicate with each other to establish their relative position. Unlike the passive magnetic systems, the RADAR System has proven to be more accurate and allows HDD Intersects to be completed faster and seamlessly.

For Secondary Tracking, Brownline has developed the Drillguide GPS Tracking System. Based upon the proven RADAR System, this portable unit can be placed in any position along the bore path to confirm the location of the GST. This system has proven to be essential to tight tolerance windows along the bore trajectory and provides on target Punch-Outs.

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Having been deployed on thousands of projects since 2004, the Drillguide Gyro Systems have a well-documented record for providing a safe and cost-efficient pilot hole. 4,300,000 feet drilling with over 700,000 feet of intersect drills successfully completed. Contact Brownline to discuss how we can assist with your project.

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