Poland Trenchless Conference 2016

14th Annual Trenchless Engineering International Conference and Exhibition in Krakow, Poland

The 14th annual Trenchless Engineering International Conference and Exhibition was held June 14-16 in Krakow, Poland. The venue was the splendidly renovated historical Water Treatment Plant MPWiK SA in Krakow – Bielany. Inzynieria Bezwykopowa, a Polish language quarterly publication dedicated to the trenchless industry, organized the conference.

Dymitr Petrow-Ganew Poland Trenchless Conference 2016

Dymitr Petrow-Ganew, of Herrenknecht AG, technical session presentation focused on “Trenchless Technologies Used in Large Diameter Gas Pipelines Construction.”

There were 500 attendees with more than 30 exhibitors. The sponsors included numerous North American-based companies such as Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Toro, Digital Control Inc., Cetco, 3M and TT Technologies sister company Tracto-Technik.

Bernie Krzys, publisher of Trenchless Technology, was an opening session speaker on “Status of the Trenchless Technology Industry and the Future.” That same opening session included a discussion regarding “The Possibility of Obtaining EU Funds and Other Options for Financing the Investment in the New EU Perspective.”

The technical sessions included numerous topics, such as “Trenchless Technologies and Rain Water Retention” presented by Cezary Madryas, professor at Wroclaw University of Technology, “Trenchless Technologies Used in Large Diameter Gas Pipelines Construction” presented by Dymitr Petrow-Ganew, of Herrenknecht AG, and “Rehabilitation of Los Angeles Sewers by Installation of Pipe Segments in Continuous Service” presented by Robert Walczak, Amiantit Poland.

Attendees were treated to a barbecue dinner and networking session the first evening. A special highlight of the conference was the presentation of the 2016 TYTAN Awards to important leaders and significant accomplishments in the Polish and European trenchless industry on the second evening. Pawel Kosmider, chief editor of Inzynieria Bezwykopowa, spearheaded the development and organization of the conference.

Poland Trenchless 2016 TYTAN Winners

Each year, Inzynieria Bezwykopowa and a panel of trenchless experts select the TYTAN award winners, which honor not just Polish trenchless project but European projects as well. Awards are presented for design of the year – new installation; design of the year – renovation; small trenchless design, product of the year

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