Town of Exeter, N.H., in Need of Sewer Rehab

An inflow and infiltration study of the sewer system will dovetail with improvements to the town’s water system on tap for the 2010 Capital Improvement Program, according to

There is 27,000 linear feet of sewer in need of rehabilitation or replacement in Exeter, said town engineer Paul Vlasich. That is before adding the inflow and infiltration study that is underway to identify areas where rain water is entering the wastewater system adding a burden and cost to treatment plant operations.

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The study will include the development of a long-term control plan for the abatement of inflow and infiltration combined sewer overflows, with an effort to eliminate private and public inflow, and infiltration problems. Engineers are identifying areas with leaky pipes, leaky sewer manholes, cracks in the sewer lines themselves and other areas where sewage and storm water makes its way into the town’s system.

Over the next six years, $1.5 million is included for inflow and infiltration abatement and $2.75 million for sewer line rehabilitation. The sewer line rehabilitation will include inflow and infiltration abatement as well as structural improvements.

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From the inflow and infiltration study will come a phased improvement plan to identify pipelines that need to be replaced or increased in size, as well as other improvements to the system.

Residents may see engineers working around town as part of the study. Exeter Department of Public Works Director Jennifer Perry said work is specifically targeted in the areas of Jady Hill and West Side Drive, where a lot of storm water is seen entering the system.

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Crews will be identified as being associated with the project by badges and their clothing, Perry said.