Armadrillco StraightLine HDDThe most recent development in StraightLine HDD’s acquisition of Armadrillco is the adaption of the patented Armadrillco transmitter housing to the RockEye Hammer System is a significant step in diffusing Armadrillco technology throughout StraightLine HDD tooling platforms.


Adapting Armadrillco side-load housing technology gives users easy access to electronics, larger capacity fluid/air passages and improved durability. The housing’s patented Arma-Loc system is a field-proven design that gives users quick access to electronics by virtue of removing a single pin. Free from threads, the Arma-Loc system virtually eliminates problems associated with damaged or over-torqued bolts, as well as vibration-induced lid failure.

The industry’s most secure lid retention system is also the most protected. Working in tandem with the Arma-Loc lid security system, a patented urethane and O-ring system is designed to seal and protect the sonde cavity from fluid/debris infiltration. The system also forms a cushioned platform that shields valuable electronics from punishing vibration and heat produced by a hammer working in harsh rock environments.

Large internal passages, up to 1-in. in diameter, represent a significant improvement in air/fluid flow. The larger passages are capable of delivering air volume up to 1,200 cfm and fluid volume of more than 300 gpm.

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