SEKISUI SPR Americas and SEKISUI NordiTube Merge Services

Spiral wound specialist SEKISUI SPR Americas and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) expert SEKISUI NordiTube Inc. have merged, combining their sales, production and technology know-how to provide trenchless rehabilitation solutions for pressure and gravity pipes as one company. The new entity operates under the company name SEKISUI SPR Americas LLC.

As of January, SEKISUI SPR Americas is the new umbrella for the sales and production of the innovative spiral wound technologies, as well as for the CIPP pressure technologies from SEKISUI NordiTube Inc. Jay Keating, former president of SEKISUI NordiTube Inc, as well as president of SEKISUI SPR Americas, heads up the newly formed entity headquatered in Atlanta. Keating has been active in the industry for 20 years and has expertise in spiral wound and CIPP technologies, including engineering, design, manufacturing, construction and sales.
SEKISUI SPR Americas, a subsidiary of SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD., produces the spiral wound and CIPP liner at its own production facilities in Hammond, La., and Atlanta. George Gerz remains in charge of the advanced pressure technologies NORDIPIPE and NORDIFORCE, two fully structural rehabilitation solutions with impressive references in North America since 2004. Brian Freer manages the spiral wound products SPR PE, SPR EX, SPR RO and SPR ST for the rehabilitation of circular sewer pipes up to 3,000 mm. The cutting-edge spiral wound technology SPR, developed for the rehabilitation of custom-shaped sewer pipes up to 5,500 mm, is under control of Brent Adams.
With the merger the certified licensees of the technologies were also centralized under the new SEKISUI SPR Americas entity. Together with the in-house construction company Heitkamp, they cover the construction services in the North American market.
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