Salvo Creates New Engineering Firm

Piero Salvo founded GAME Trenchless ConsultantsAfter having spent 12 years as WSA Trenchless Consultants, followed by almost five years at GENIVAR, on Oct. 1, Piero Salvo,founded a new engineering firm named GAME Trenchless Consultants. The name GAME stands for Global AssetManagement Engineering.

GAME Trenchless Consultants offers rehabilitation engineering, contract administration, water and sewer condition assessment, including the use of the JD7 Investigator+ for small diameter live water main inspection and leak detection, the JD7 LDS1000 for large diameter live water main inspection and leak detection and also the JD7 Pipescan+ technology that offers live real time wall thickness measurements.  The technology has been used from coast-to-coast in Canada and the United States by its specialized group.

In order to respond to the large demand in the United States, GAME Consultants USA Inc. was created on Dec. 2, to provide the same services as Game Trenchless Consultants. GAME Consultants USA Inc. will work closely with JD7 out of the United Kingdom for the JD7 Investigator+ and the JD7 Pipescan+ technologies in the United States.  For more information, visit or e-mail at
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