RJN Group to Conduct I&I Evaluation for Richland Hills, Texas

In an effort to reduce inflow and infiltration (I&I) in the city sewer system, the City of Richland Hills, Texas, has selected RJN Group Inc. (RJN) to perform manhole inspections and smoke testing of sewer lines in the southwest sewer shed of the city.

Earlier this year, RJN began conducting manhole inspections on 232 manholes and smoke testing of 108,800 lfof sewer lines. While inspecting the manholes, RJN field staff was looking for signs of cracking, collapse, root intrusion, deposition, grease, offset joints, active infiltration or other defects. Smoke testing will identify defects, as well as illegal or illicit connections that may be contributing to the extraneous flows.

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The results of the inspections and smoke testing, including the location of suggested repairs on the sewer lines, service lines, and manholes, will be provided to the City by RJN through written and digital documentation. The City anticipates beginning construction to repair or replace the faulty sewer lines towards the end of 2011.