RELINEEUROPE AG Opens for Business

Innovative system supplier for contractors of trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry, RELINEEUROPE AG, a new company for trenchless rehabilitation technologies, has set foot in the market.

The company with headquarter in Rohrbach, Germany, was incorporated on July 1, 2009 and is setting its focus on the international activities in Europe. The organization wants to become a provider of system solutions for contractors within the pipe rehabilitation industry. The core competences of the organization are the development, production and distribution of innovative trenchless rehabilitation technologies and comprehensive services.

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The RELINEEUROPE Group consists of the following companies: RELINEEUROPE Liner GmbH&Co.KG, RELINEEUROPE Equipment GmbH&Co.KG and RELINEEUROPE Services GmbH& Co.KG.

The managing directors of the RELINEEUROPE Group are five former executives of a leading UV-light curing CIPP-manufacturer who have joined together with various investors to realize their ideas within their own company. The managing directors are Herbert Wind, Anke Allmann, Stefan Jensen, Stefan Reichel and Benedikt Stentrup.

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 The groundwork for the internationally operating group was established together with the RELINEEUROPE AG chairman Bernd Flossmann and his contacts to financial investors.

The founders forecast a very positive market potential for this industrial sector. The trenchless pipe rehabilitation market is international one of the growing sectors. Sewers all around the world are in bad condition and are in need of rehabilitation. “Our market knowledge shows us that national and international contractors have interest and are going to invest in this area” – said Benedikt Stentrup, one of the RELINEEUROPE executive directors. “Our goal is to grow international in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation sector.

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Technology & Services:

The Company group offers modern trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies for sewer pipes. Innovative solutions in other areas will also be marketed in the future. Core competences are:

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  • Production and distribution of high quality UV-light curing Liners (CIPP), hat profiles for lateral connections and other GRP-materials
  • Production, distribution and maintenance for modern UV-Equipment and accessories
  • Delivery, distribution and maintenance of equipment for other rehabilitation methods.
  • RELINEEUROPE follows a full-service strategy, offering consulting services next to its technologies. The Services department is going to be a consultant partner for the clients in order to implement the offered technologies efficiently. With this Services RELINEEUROPE is able to focus on its customers demands.
  • With the division Services, RELINEEUROPE offers the following solutions:
  • Training center
  • Technical support on site
  • Engineering support in all project phases
  • Project contracting
  • Consulting

Consulting is a unique offer in the trenchless industry. RELINEEUROPE’s competent and experienced employees consult customers with the implementation or optimization of their rehabilitation department. Common topics include the general organization, human resources, estimations, jobsite controlling, as well as the choice of the right technology. The continuous development of the existing technologies demonstrates the client-focused service approach of RELINEEUROPE. “Our goal is to become the leading contact for contractors in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry and to ensure our clients the execution of an efficient and high-quality rehabilitation project. Together with our clients our quality management optimizes the quality of the rehabilitation project,” explains Benedikt Stentrup.

The main product is the new UV light curing CIPP technology, which is provided under the brand Alphaliner. The Alphaliner is a UV-light curing cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) based on glass fiber reinforcement with a seamless construction for a trenchless reconstruction of sewer pipes. It is produced in diameter DN150 to 1,200 mm.

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In comparison to other liners the Alphaliner highly differentiates itself in design and materials. The new CIPP Alphaliner will be delivery-ready by 2010.

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