POSM Software Owl Vision

Rausch USA, POSM Software Enter Partnership Agreement for Owl Vision Manhole Camera

Rausch USA has entered into a partnership agreement with POSM Software to offer and eventually manufacture the newly released Owl Vision Manhole Camera System.

POSM Software intends to sell its software (various versions) with the Owl Vision product. POSM Software will complete the initial manufacturing run, and then transition the manufacturing of the physical product to Rausch USA.

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The Owl Vision 360° HD Manhole Camera is the result of a multi-year R&D effort that both companies believe will change the industry for the better. The camera bridges the gap between quick and economic “GoPro” style cameras and pricier products on the other end of the spectrum that include specialized functions.

POSM unveiled its new product during the 2022 WWETT Show last February.

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“The camera was rolled out to a great deal of enthusiasm and positive response,” said Bob Katter, POSM Software president. “Rausch let us demo the Manhole Camera at their booth and expressed a great deal of interest from the beginning. Rausch is a leading manufacturer of quality pipeline inspection equipment and they have always been supportive of our software. They were at the top of our shortlist to talk to, and we cannot be more excited about this partnership.”

The Manhole Camera bundle includes the new POSM Manhole Software tailored to the camera, loaded into a hard-shell ruggedized computer briefcase. The bundle also includes the 360-degree 4K HD camera, an easy-to-use tripod, and quick set-up automated lowering equipment.

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 “We were very excited when Bob demonstrated the product, and it is an excellent addition to our product portfolio. Its placement, when compared to our competitors, is extremely advantageous,” said Greg Hall, president of Rausch USA.

The system includes:

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POSM Manhole Software

– Specifically created to put the camera’s assets front and center.

– Precise distance counter in real-time while recording – synced for use back in the office.

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– NASSCO MACP-compatible interface with graphic manhole images that better identify the specific parts of manholes.

– Performs a full Level 2 inspection in under 10 minutes.

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– Produces an unwrapped stitched video and captures video in HD up to 4K.

Owl Vision 360° HD Manhole Camera (and lowering equipment)

– Smooth descent up to 22 ft (or about 7 m).

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– Power (12V) with a generator, inverter or external battery.

– Easy lighting and elevation control.

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– Zoom in and out of the video to observe any direction, any angle and any clock position.

– Creates a flat image of the manhole.

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Owl Vision Briefcase

– Hard-shell “battle-tested” computer briefcase (works in extreme conditions and temps).

– Exceptional screen contrast for improved sunlight readability.

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– USB, Ethernet, BNC video ports and Owl Vision manhole control. Multiple input combinations.

– Can run on either 110Vac or 12V DC input power sources.

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