Rain for Rent Seeks Applications for Scholarships

Rain for Rent, a Bakersfield, Calif.-based supplier of irrigation pumps, tanks and filtration devices used in the trenchless industry, announced the availability of its 2010 scholarships to help 20 local students pursue a career in agriculture, engineering or construction management. Deadline for applications is April 30.

The Charles P. Lake Rain for Rent Scholarship fund, named for the company’s founder, awards $1,500 every year to 20 qualified college students with a particular emphasis in agriculture, irrigation technology and engineering.

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Eligible applicants must have completed their freshmen year at an approved college or university with enrollment complete for the following school year and have a 3.0 grade point average. The scholarship can be used for tuition or the purchase of textbooks or school materials.

The scholarship program is administered through participating universities, farm bureaus and designated organizations. For a list of the participating universities and for more information about the program, visit https://www.rainforrent.com/company/scholarship.htm.

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