Railhead Underground Products LLC, Fort Worth, Texas, a worldwide leader inhorizontal directional drilling tools, recently announced an exclusive worldwidesales and distribution agreement with Triple D Enterprise Inc.

This alliance will provide underground construction contractors with onesource for most of their tooling needs, Railhead officials say, noting thatRailhead will continue to manufacture and provide the Incredibit, Endurance andBore Pro HDD tools.

The Railhead Bore Pro series of tools is expanding to include Triple D’scompaction boring tools, pulling eyes, cable pullers, swivel eye grips, chaingrips, roller bearing swivels, pulling slings and plow blades to fit most majormanufacturers’ machines.

“Railhead is proud to join with Triple D as we strive to deliver to thecontractors some of the highest quality products in the HDD market today,” saysDavid Helgeson, director of sales and marketing for Railhead.

For more information regarding this innovative pact between Railhead andTriple D Enterprise Inc., contact your nearest Railhead dealer.

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