Quadex Rebrands as Result of Expanding Product and Service Offerings

Quadex, one of the nation’s leading providers of protective coating and lining materials to the wastewater infrastructure market, is launching a rebranding campaign associated with its strategic expansion of products and services.

The campaign will introduce Quadex’s new direction, including a new division, Quadex Lining Systems for pipe rehabilitation, and an expanded line of pipe repair products. “As our business model evolved, we realized it was time to create a fresh look to visually reinforce our strategic growth initiatives,” said Quadex president Neil Wisener.

Quadex Lining Systems is the new division that will begin licensing its proprietary turnkey pipe rehabilitation system featuring GeoKrete, custom application equipment and improved application process to qualified contractors. “For our unique geopolymer to attain its superior performance objectives, proper application is critical,” said Quadex senior vice president of sales Stewart Nance. “Properly applied with our proprietary equipment and processes, our GeoKrete geopolymer will structurally restore deteriorated pipes and resist microbiologically induced corrosion better than any other mortar on the market.”

Quadex’s recent introduction of GeoKrete  geopolymer to its product mix is a direct result of that market demand. “When we developed GeoKrete, our goal was to make it the industry’s most advanced  repair mortar that will resist corrosion better than any calcium aluminant or anti-microbial additive” added Nance. “After extensive development and field trials in the worst deteriorated structures, third-party testing confirms Quadex’s GeoKrete geopolymer provides significantly higher levels of corrosion resistance and physical properties than any Portland or calcium aluminant repair mortar  in the industry.”  Wisener further informs “GeoKrete is completely sustainable, with an extraordinarily low carbon footprint compared to Portland or calcium aluminant based cements because it is manufactured mostly from recycled materials … thereby significantly reducing harmful greenhouse gases typically created in the production of traditional cementitious products.”

Quadex also offers InterFit, a proven full main wrap (360o) connection seal system and will begin offering Pipe-Robo-Tec inner pipe seals to repair cracked and offset pipe joints. “We believe these two systems complement each other and are a natural fit to our strategically expanded product and service offering,” added Nance.
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