Pure Technologies Ltd., TSX-V: PUR, announced today that its acoustic fiber-optic (AFO) monitoring system detected a failing section of a major water transmission main in Maryland last week, resulting in an efficiently executed repair that prevented a potentially catastrophic pipeline rupture.

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) was alerted by Pure’s SoundPrin AFO monitoring system to a rapid increase in wire break activity on a section of its prestressed 96-in. Potomac Transmission Main. Once notified, WSSC took immediate action to avoid a potential failure of the 16-ft pipe section by shutting down a significant portion of the transmission main to replace the deteriorated pipe. Since WSSC decided to temporarily remove one of its largest transmission mains from service, mandatory water restrictions for two of Maryland‘s largest counties were required to ensure fire protection and to relieve pressure on transmission lines carrying a larger volume of water.

WSSC serves the 1.8 million residents in Montgomery and Prince George‘s counties which border the District of Columbia. Openaka (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pure) is the prime consultant for a multi-year contract providing inspection, engineering analysis and recommendations, as well as long-term monitoring as part of a major prestressed concrete cylinder pipeline management program for WSSC with the purpose of extending the life of its large-diameter pipelines. The monitoring system was put in place subsequent to an inspection of the Potomac Transmission Main in 2007 and extends over 10 miles through the pipeline. In addition to installing AFO to continuously monitor for wire breaks, WSSC also uses SmartBall leak detection technology and P-Wave(R) electromagnetic equipment as part of its program.

“WSSC’s commitment to a technology-based condition assessment and monitoring program provides a cost effective, advanced management strategy for their buried infrastructure,” said Travis B. Wagner, P.E., Openaka Program Manager for WSSC. “Implementation of these advanced pipeline assessment and monitoring techniques has propelled WSSC into an industry leadership position in large-diameter pipeline management. This project is a great example of how Pure is able to provide a range of technologies and services to help water and wastewater agencies bridge the infrastructure funding gap.”

For more information on WSSC’s asset management program visit www.wsscwater.com.


About Pure Technologies Ltd.

Pure Technologies Ltd. is an international technology and services company that has developed patented technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of critical infrastructure around the world. Pure operates from its headquarters in Calgary, Canada, and through branches in Maryland, New Jersey, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Benghazi, Libya and the United Kingdom.

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