Pure Technologies Announces $2M Worth of New Contracts

Pure Technologies Ltd. (TSX: PUR) has announced that it has recently been awarded new work in the United States for a combined value of approximately $2 million. The services provided with these projects span the full range of Pure’s inspection, condition assessment and engineering services for water and wastewater pipelines included in the following contracts:

City of Austin, Texas: Pure Technologies U.S. Inc. (Pure U.S) will provide non-destructive condition assessment and leak detection services for the City of Austin water utility, which services roughly 900,000 people in the Austin area. This major pipeline network is comprised of a total of 3,646 miles of transmission and distribution mains. This significant contract builds on other work obtained in the state including a multi-year contract with the City of Dallas.

City of Anchorage, Alaska: A combination of services including electromagnetic inspection, SmartBall leak detection and engineering analysis will be performed for the water and wastewater utility that services the Anchorage area.

Cary, N.C.: Pure U.S. will provide condition assessment services of several sewer force mains. This work demonstrates Pure’s growing presence in the wastewater market.

“Our overall service offering to the water and wastewater market is becoming more and more attractive as we are able to meet the needs of agencies faced with deteriorating infrastructure, water loss and shrinking budgets,” said chairman Jamie Paulson.

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