Vermeer QuickFire HD

Product Spotlight – Vermeer QuickFire HD

In early July, Vermeer Corp. announced the launch of the Vermeer QuickFire HD connection system for utility horizontal directional drills (HDD).

This new connection system builds upon the original Vermeer QuickFire system introduced to the market more than 10 years ago and helps reduce the labor involved with changing over from pilot bore and pullback tooling.

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“The QuickFire HD system expands the types of ground conditions contractors can use this type of quick connection system for,” explained Jason Zylstra, product manager for Vermeer Lifecycle products. “Crews familiar with the original QuickFire system will recognize the same 4-turn makeup on the QuickFire HD system, only they’ll now have some new ease of use of and reliability-minded enhancements.”

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The Vermeer QuickFire HD system uses two heavy-duty roll pins to secure the locking collar over the non-torqued threaded connection. Resembling other proven Vermeer designs, this retention feature has performed well in extensive field tests. Also, the QuickFire HD allows the collar to be assembled at any orientation to avoid having to rotate the collar to align it with the retention bolt hole, unlike some other systems.

The new Vermeer QuickFire HD system is available in three sizes:

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• QuickFire HD 300 for HDDs in the 10,000-lb (44.5-kN) drill range — Vermeer D10x15 S3 or Ditch Witch JT10 HDD

• QuickFire HD 400 for HDDs in the 24,000-lb (106.8-kN) drill range — Vermeer D23x30 S3 or Ditch Witch JT30 HDD

• QuickFire HD 460 for HDDs in the 40,000-lb (177.9-kN) drill range Vermeer D40x55 S3 or Ditch Witch JT40 HDD

Also, Vermeer offers weld-on connection options to cost-effectively convert existing tooling to the QuickFire HD connection system.

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For more information about the Vermeer QuickFire HD Connection System, contact your local Vermeer dealer, and visit

SOURCE – Vermeer Corp. 

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