Product Spotlight: Spartan Tool Model 718 Drain Cleaning Machine

Spartan Tool introduces the Model 718 drain cleaning machine, a battery powered version of its Model 700.

Its powerful 18-volt motor lets the operator tackle clogs in small household lines from 1.25 to 2.5 in. in diameter. It works with ¼- or 5/16-in. cable in lengths up to 35 ft with drop head or open-hook ends. The Model 718 can be seen live at the 2020 WWETT show in Indianapolis Feb. 18-20. Pre-orders for the new model began Feb. 12.

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“The new model 718 is the next step in the evolution of our traditional Model 700. It offers all the power and features of the 700 minus the cord. It’s sure to be a valuable addition to any drain cleaner’s arsenal of tools,” says Eric Boonstra, field operations manager, Spartan Tool. “We are excited to introduce this cordless, handheld machine. This makes it easier for drain cleaners to get into tight spaces and they don’t have to worry about a power cord in wet environments. The Model 718 makes the job safer and easier, allowing you to clear the clog quickly and move on to the next job.”

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Spartan Tool Model 718

For more information, email, call 800-345-3866 or visit

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SOURCE – Spartan Tool