QuickConnect Pull HeadIn an industry where time is money, QuickConnect universal pull heads are pure gold. They take fusing out of the trench, which makes an HDD contractor’s entire operation faster, safer and more efficient. QuickConnect’s unique clamshell design makes connections easier, keeps mud and drilling fluids out of pipe and works with any MJ adapter.

Fusing pipe in the trench is time and labor intensive.  Wet, dirty, often unstable trench conditions make for a less than an ideal location to fuse pipe. Whether it’s HDD, pipe bursting or any other method of pulling HDPE pipe, QuickConnect saves time which in turn, means more pay in your pocket.

The QuickConnect accommodates both IPS and DIPS pipe diameters and is designed to withstand forces in excess of two times max pull force, depending on product pipe. The pull head works with all brands of MJ adapters making it truly universal for all trenchless projects.

It’s clear, this pull head is designed by drillers, for drillers – and the efficiencies gained by putting crews on solid level ground, are ones to be appreciated most by those who have done the job before. In-ditch fusing is about to become a thing of the past.

To learn more about QuickConnect or to find your nearest distributor, visit pullhead.com.

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