Kwik-Zip HDX SpacerKwik-ZIP Spacers are designed for many industry sectors including production well drilling, trenchless pipeline, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and the general civil and construction markets.

Manufactured from high grade thermoplastic, kwik-ZIP products are used and recommended by pipeline and civil contractors, water and gas utilities, drilling companies and international engineering firms. Kwik-ZIP centralizers and spacers are sold using five specific product series (HDX, HD, GT, 380, and 155) all with varying models within each series.

Historically the alternative solutions available consisted of wood or metal and these had many disadvantages during application. Kwik-ZIP products are manufactured from high grade thermoplastics which overcome competitors’ products disadvantages, as well as meeting numerous sector regulations, standards, and codes.

The utilization of thermoplastic as a material has provided a number of significant advantages that are providing benefits to the customers utilizing the products, namely;

  • Corrosion Protection – Fabricated metallic spacers are subject to corrosion and can impart corrosive damage to the pipeline.  In some cases, metallic spacers can damage the pipe, particularly if the carrier pipe is a non-metallic composite pipe such as fiberglass or PVC.  Kwik-ZIP spacers and centralizers have no metal parts which assists in overcoming some of the corrosion issues that exist with other products.
  • Low co-efficient of friction – products are made from a specially modified polyoxymethylene (POM) material that have a low co-efficient of friction which allows for quick and easy insertion inside carrier pipe.
  • Adjustable sizes – kwik-ZIP spacers and centralizers are adjustable spacers, meaning that the same spacers and centralizers can be used for varying pipe diameters – adding an extra layer of flexibility.
  • Reduced insertion forces – allows for greater run lengths and the use of lower insertion forces during installation in trenchless projects.   The use of lower insertion forces in particular allows contractors to reduce the size of machine required to complete an installation, saving money, energy and physical space at the job site.

Ensuring the product is simple to install and cost effective also provides a competitive advantage, as does our five strategically located international warehouse facilities which ensures short lead times for delivery, and lower freight costs for customers.

Product Focus – HDX Series Casing Spacer


HDX Series Casing Spacers are a completely non-corroding, non-metallic casing spacer for pipe-in-pipe (PIP) applications such as sliplining and cased crossings for all medium to heavy weight pipe materials including steel, ductile, MSCL, GRE, PVC, HDPE. Suitable for all diameters from 4 to 63 in. OD and beyond by addition of multiple segments.

Construction and Features

  • Made from ACETAL POM engineering thermoplastic with high flexural strength, high temperature resistance, low co-efficient of friction, abrasion resistance and outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Integrated rubber grip pads under collars to prevent slippage. No requirement to pre-wrap pipe.
  • Requires only a flat blade screwdriver for installation.
  • Load sharing suspension system allowing heavy loads to be shared across multiple runners reducing point loading and increasing the overall load capacity of the spacer.
  • Ability to combine different runner heights in the same spacer ring to assist in borehole grade correction.
  • Greater diameters are accommodated by joining additional segments.


  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 4020:2005 Products for use in contact with drinking water.
  • Complaint with lead free requirements of Section 1417 of the U.S. Safe Water Drinking Act.

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