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NozzTeq introduces its new sewer cleaning nozzle, the Goblin Grease Eater. The Goblin sewer nozzle is made of all stainless steel with 5/15 degree jets and 5/30 degree jets to clean the pipe of grease. The Goblin sewer nozzle also has optional front jet for those tough blockages. The Goblin is a cost-effective option to clean grease out of 8- to 18-in. lines and requires no daily maintenance. The Goblin sewer nozzle has laminar flow design to improve your jet stream pattern bringing the jet stream longer and farther down the pipe to cut the grease.

Vactor Mfg.

When it comes to tackling fats, oils and grease in sewer pipes, the Agitator and Twister nozzles from Vactor Mfg. deliver unmatched cleaning power. Composed of work-hardened, low-carbon steel, the Agitator nozzle rips through grease, scale and hair roots. The spinning action provides 360-degree cleaning, while the heat-treated Teflon-impregnated coating reduces shaft friction for increased wear resistance. Featuring Vactor’s exclusive 3-fin design, which centers the nozzle within the lines and serves as a rugged skid protecting the nozzle from wear, the Twister nozzle delivers powerful jets with a controlled rotation. The Twister comes with two interchangeable abrasion-resistant skids for 8- and 12-in. (and larger) lines. Each nozzle includes a service kit to help optimize uptime and productivity.

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StoneAge Inc.

StoneAge Inc., manufacturer of the Warthog line of sewer cleaning tools, offers a quick and simple conversion to adapt the Warthog tools to clean fats and grease from large diameter pipelines. The standard Warthog (WG-1) is commonly used on municipal/commercial sewer lines ranging from 8- to 36-in. lines. By adding a wheeled centering device, a larger rotating head and extension nipples, the Warthog nozzle can effectively clean much larger lines. The Warthog’s speed control and the closer jet stand-off with this system provides real power for removing thick grease deposits from the toughest to clean large pipelines.

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