The Pressure Pipe Inspection Co. (PPIC) announced that,together with several partners, it will conduct a series of seminars across theUnited States.

These seminars are designed to help pipeline operators setthe standards for condition-based asset management of their water and wastewatertransmission mains.

Municipalities, pipeline operators, governmentofficials, manufacturers and consultants are invited to attend these seminarswhere they will learn of the latest technologies in condition assessment andleak detection. More important, attendees will learn how to cost-effectivelymanage their aging pipeline infrastructure. During this one-day informationexchange, case studies will be presented and customer experiencesdiscussed.

Locations and dates of the seminars include: Virginia Beach,Va. (April 12), Baltimore (April 13), New York (April 14), Denver (April 26),Phoenix (April 27), Salt Lake City (April 28), Buffalo, N.Y. (May 10), Cleveland(May 11), Cincinnati (May 12), Chicago (May 24), St. Louis (May 25), Kansas City(May 26), San Antonio, Texas (June 7), Houston (June 8) and New Orleans (June9).

By establishing the condition of each pipe in a water transmissionsystem and selectively rehabilitating only those individual pipes whosestructural or mechanical integrity has been compromised, operators can realizesignificant savings through eliminating the unnecessary replacement of largelengths of transmission lines.

In more detail, PPIC will discuss how itsRemote Field Eddy Current/Transformer Coupling condition assessment methodologyestablishes the baseline condition of pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe(PCCP). The company will show how acoustic emission testing (AET) can be used todetect which PCCP pipe are actively deteriorating.

Finally, PPIC willdemonstrate how the Sahara water transmission main leak location system canpinpoint leaks in large diameter pipes of any material composition.

Partners participating in this program of seminars are internationallyand nationally recognized and respected engineering firms and consultants. Theywill cover topics such as: the assessment of risk of failure; repair prioritiesfor PCCP pipe with broken wires; asset management and repair options; and waterloss control methods for water transmission and distribution pipes.

Acondition based asset management program wil enable operators to anticipate andminimize concerns such as service disruptions and financial costs. For moreinformation call: Dave Caughlin at (905) 624-1040, ext. 259, or e-mail:info@

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