PipeLine Inspection Services Inc., Nampa, Idaho, has joined the SprayroqCertified Partner program, announced Sprayroq president Jerry Gordon.

Founded in 2003, PipeLine Inspection Services provides pipeline inspection,cleaning and testing services throughout Treasure Valley and southwesternIdaho. By becoming a Sprayroq Certified Partner, the company is expanding itsservices to include rehabilitation of underground structures using Sprayroq’sinnovative cured-in-place spray coatings.                       

Sprayroq’s NSF-approved coating products are formulated to provide bothstructural and chemical resistance to deteriorated structures, including potablewater and sanitary sewer systems, including tanks, manholes, pump stations, liftstations and wet wells. They are installed without digging up the originalstructure.

“We were looking to expand our business in a way that complemented theunderground work we are already providing municipalities, engineers andexcavation contractors,” said Scott Wendling, vice president of PipeLineInspection Services. “Up until now, we’ve been using cement-based products torepair deteriorated manholes. But those repairs only last about three years.With Sprayroq’s products, our new Manhole Rehabilitation Division is able torestore a manhole’s structural integrity and extend its life by up to 50 years.”

The new partnership creates a “win-win” situation for both PipeLineInspection Services and Sprayroq, the companies’ leaders say.           

PipeLine Inspection Services will represent Sprayroq throughout Idaho,Washington and Oregon. The firm has plans to expand operations to the I-5corridor of Oregon and Washington in the foreseeable future.

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