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Vac-Con’s Hot Shot sewer machine flushes anything from stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary and/or storm drain lines by the flushing action of high-pressure water. The Hot Shot machine offers smooth flow water systems up to 80 gpm and 3,000 psi and 1,000- to 2,500-gal fresh water tanks. The machines are available with optional articulating hose reels for ease of operation and flexibility. 

Sewer Equipment of America

The 800-HPR ECO Truck Jet is equipped with the latest hydraulic technology, which allows this unit to operate at a reduced engine speed while still generating at peak gpm and psi power. The lower engine speed means fuel consumption is reduced by 33 percent and noise reduction is 30 percent less at 3 ft and 50 percent less at 25 ft. The new hydraulic system offers the option of using environmentally safe and non-toxic hydraulic fluid that is biodegradable and therefore non-threatening to the ecosystem. In addition, the 800-HPR ECO water tank has an increased thickness of ¾-in. and new bolted baffles — both improvements mean a more robust water tank with a longer life. For more information please call Sewer Equipment Co. of America at (800) 323-1604 or visit www.sewerequipment.com.


INTRUDER/PAIKERT Impact Cutter is newly designed and after years of field testing, has been introduced through NozzTeq Inc. The Intruder/Paikert cutter system has successfully been in use world-wide for over 30 years. The machine is the most capable on the market due to its patented “Hydro-Torque” impact drill water-motor. It’s designed to work with today’s sewer pumps and does not require lubrication after use.

So, whether you’ve got a pipe full of 5,000 psi hardened concrete, stubborn chemical or mineral deposits, protruding taps or thick heavy root growth in large pipes, THE INTRUDER/PAIKERT Impact Cutter is your best alternative. NozzTeq can customize a variety of different cutting accessories from 4 to 24 in. and offer technical assistance for unusual problems through a network of some of the most experienced people in the business.

Image Inspection Services

The Mini Pan and Tilt camera is the most advanced camera available from Image. It can be pushrod or crawler mounted. The ultra small size can be used in 4-in. and larger pipe. It will negotiate a 90-degree bend in 4-in. pipe. The camera is designed specifically to provide a close-up view of sewer pipe walls and lateral entrances. This color unit will operate up to 2,000 ft of digital signal cable in sanitary and storm sewers. Chassis construction is designed to withstand shocks and vibration normally sustained while being pushed, pulled or crawled. Remote focus, 90 degree turn, 360 degree rotate, adjustable close up lighting intensity, and return to center controls are all on the system joystick.

RapidView IBAK North America

The lateral cleaning accessory kit for the IBAK lateral launch system allows users to clean and inspect laterals from the mainline pipe. This process uses a specially designed jet nozzle which is deployed from the LISY 3 Lateral Launch system inside the mainline pipe, avoiding the need to access individual homeowner’s property. Users no longer have to open cleanouts or schedule with individual homeowners. Efficiently clean an entire city block’s worth of laterals from one access point. For more information contact RapidView IBAK North America at www.rapidview.com.   

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