Performance Pipe Recognized by the Plastic Pipe Institute

Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP, recently received three distinctions from the Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI), a manufacturing-based trade association. PPI is the major association representing all segments of the plastic piping industry and is comprised almost entirely of volunteers who work in the plastic piping industry and spend their free time working to advance their industry.

Performance Pipe technical manager Karen Lively was named Member of the Year for her work as Technical Chair for the Municipal and Industrial Division of PPI as well as her participation in many industry events on behalf of PPI. Her role was vital in helping to promote the use of HDPE pipes in various applications.

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“As with other infrastructure needs, our nation’s water piping is in need of repair, and polyethylene can offer a tough, ductile alternative to metal pipes that corrode over time, and to brittle plastic pipes that can break or leak in service,” Lively said. “HDPE pipes have unique properties combining toughness, flexibility and durability that make it an excellent choice for these applications.” Her work in the municipal and industrial division of Performance Pipe was instrumental in helping to educate municipal groups to the effectiveness of HDPE in their water projects.

The Member of the Year award is given to recognize and honor the accomplishments of a member who has performed above and beyond expectations and furthered the goals of PPI and the plastics pipe industry.

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Performance Pipe was also awarded the Project of the Year award, recognizing innovation in the industry, in two of PPI’s divisions – the Municipal and Industrial division and the Fuel Gas division. In the Municipal and Industrial division, Performance Pipe and their distributor Ferguson were given the award for their work on the Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer Project, a combination of pile-supported pipe and a submerged buoyant gravity-flow pipeline. Performance Pipe’s HDPE pipe was chosen for this project due to is flexibility, resistance to corrosion, and leak-free reliability. This is the first project of its kind to utilize a submerged gravity-flow HDPE pipe, held under the surface of the lake by ground anchors, for the conveyance of wastewater.

“Many communities using non-plastic pipe are seeing the benefits of replacing these systems with HDPE due to its corrosion resistance and fused-joint design to eliminate leakage and infiltration,” Wes Long, sales manager for Performance Pipe, said. “As HDPE’s benefits are proven in varied situations, more and more opportunities to utilize the strength and flexibility of the piping will arise.”

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For the Fuel Gas Division, Performance Pipe was presented with Co-Project of the Year for the Peoples Energy (Chicago) Cast Iron/Ductile Iron Main Replacement Project. Peoples Energy used HDPE produced by Performance Pipe to replace their CI/DI mains, resulting in a sealed system with no leaks or corrosion and minimal annual maintenance costs. The fact that HDPE allowed for insertion of the new pipe into the existing pipe lowered installation costs, reduced installation time, and minimized the impact on the urban population of Chicago. This award recognized the widespread use of 18-inch diameter HDPE pipe in gas distribution service in major metropolitan areas.

“We are very pleased to be recognized for our work with Peoples Energy Chicago,” Allen Pearl, sales manager for Performance Pipe said. “Using HDPE on such a large scale while reducing installation costs, time, and the impact on residents clearly shows some of the benefits of working with HDPE instead of traditional piping systems, and we hope that our success here will spur other communities to consider HDPE for their next cast iron rehabilitation project.”

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“We are particularly proud of the recognitions that have been bestowed upon our Performance Pipe personnel, it is well deserved,” said Lawyer Jolley, general manager for Performance Pipe. “They each bring a very high level of expertise and experience to our industry. Receiving the recognition from a group as prestigious as PPI in our industry is especially rewarding. The relationships we have forged with PPI, distributors, and other users of our product are truly helping to improve the quality of life in our nation.”

The Plastic Pipe Institute is a manufacturing-based trade association dedicated to creating awareness about the superior performance, economical return and environmental advantages of plastic piping systems.


About Performance Pipe

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