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Ox Equipment Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with I-Quip Inc. (Video)

Ox Equipment Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership arrangement with Wisconsin-based equipment supplier I-Quip Inc.

I-Quip (Innovator’s Equipment) is based out of Seymour, Wisconsin, and will aid Ox Equipment in both the sales and technical support of all MTS Equipment within the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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“We are very excited to join forces with Jeff and his team to bring this new to North America vacuum technology to the midwest United States,” says Darren Bartels, president and CEO of Ox Equipment. “We all feel the time is right for European dry vacuum systems to enter the market place, and we know I-Quip will be a great strategic partner going forward.”

Based in Ontario, Canada, OX Equipment is the exclusive North American distributor for the German manufactured MTS Dry Suction Excavation Equipment. Dry suction excavation powerfully excavates without the use of water, and thus eliminates issues related to slurry disposal, as well as overweight loads.

“MTS dry suction equipment really is like nothing the utility industry has seen before. I-Quip’s mission is to bring to their customers solutions for their utility equipment needs, and this new vacuum technology is a real game changer,” says Jeff Seidl, president and founder of I-Quip. “Historically dry vacuum equipment has been viewed as inferior to wet systems and limited in its production throughput, but that is simply not the case anymore.”

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MTS GmbH manufactures its dry suction vacuum excavation equipment in Germany and is currently the industry standard for safe vacuum excavation throughout all of Europe. These technologically superior fan based vacuum systems allow for unrivaled dry vacuum production. The Dino Suction Excavator utilizes a proprietary twin fan system which generates over 24,000 CFM of suction power.

SOURCE – Ox Equipment

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