NUCA Announces 2015 Safety Winners

NUCA LogoThe William H. Feather Awards are presented to NUCA member companies that have shown significant commitment and effort to safety within their companies. Judging is based on outstanding safety records, safety statements, and safety program information.

The awards are given in categories according to man-hours, as well to an overall winner, and will be presented at NUCA’s Auction and Awards Gala at the 2016 Convention in Puerto Rico, March 10-12.

William H. Feather was a founding member of NUCA’s first Safety Committee and was widely known as the backbone of NUCA’s Safety Program. In 1978 NUCA established the William H. Feather Awards, to both honor and memorialize the contributions of a respected friend and colleague and to recognize that same spirit of safety when demonstrated by members.

The overall winner was Bradshaw Construction Corp., Eldersburg, Md. Other winners are:

• 0 – 50,000 MANHOURS: Iowa Trenchless, Panora, Iowa

• 100,000 – 200,000 MANHOURS (tie): DeKalb Pipeline Co. Inc., Conyers, Ga., and J.F. Wilkerson Contracting Co. Inc., Morrisville, N.C.

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 Honorable Mention: Pural Water Specialty Co., Inc., Wailuku, Hawaii
Honorable Mention: Centerline Inc., Palm City, Fla.

• 200,001 – 500,000 MANHOURS: Western Summit Constructors Inc., Englewood, Calif.

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  Honorable Mention: Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, Inc., Jacksonville, Calif.
Honorable Mention: Brad Cole Construction Company Inc., Corrollton, Ga.
• 500,001-1,000,000 MANHOURS: Barnard Construction Co. Inc., Bozeman, Mo.

• 1,000,001 + MANHOURS: Team Fishel, Columbus, Texas
Honorable Mention: Driver Pipeline Co. Inc., Irving, Texas

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