Nova Analytics Corp. Acquires ADS Corp.

Nova Analytics Corp. of Woburn, Mass., recently announced the acquisition ofADS Corp., a subsidiary of Axel Johnson Inc.

ADS Corp. manufactures and distributes flow measurement equipment andsoftware. Collectively, the two divisions of ADS — ADS Environmental Servicesand Accusonic Technologies — provide services to customers in more than 40countries and have conducted more than 5,000 flow measurement projects in their30-year history.

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ADS Environmental Services provides industry-leading innovations in acousticDoppler technologies, analytical software and real-time, Web-hosted reportingfor the wastewater collection system industry. Accusonic Technologies pioneeredthe development of multiple, parallel path transit time monitors valued forextreme accuracy in the hydroelectric and water transport industries.

Jim Barbookles, Nova Analytics chairman and CEO says, “ADS is a very excitingopportunity for Nova Analytics Corp., with its proud heritage, leadership andtechnological strength in the global wastewater collection system industry. Weare pleased to have ADS join the Nova family and provide a new platform forgrowth.”

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“We believe that the sale of ADS to Nova Analytics will ensure the company aunique platform from which to continue and build upon its tradition of industryleading products and services,” says Michael D. Milligan, Axel Johnson Inc.president and CEO.

Nova Analytics Corp. is a worldwide supplier of laboratory, field and onlineinstrumentation. Axel Johnson Inc., headquartered in Stamford, Conn., owns andoperates businesses focused on environmental, energy, and industrialproducts.

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