New Navigator Nation Website Offers HDD

New Navigator Nation Website Offers HDD Vermeer launched an all-new Navigator Nation website designed to be a social media channel where horizontal directional drill (HDD) professionals can share information with each other in order to enhance the profession and the industry. The new website has been completely redesigned to be a sharing platform for HDD contractors all over the globe.

“There isn’t another website in the industry like Navigator Nation,” said Jason Zylstra, brand marketing manager for Vermeer. “The website is accessible to any HDD professional and not just Vermeer customers. Our goal was to create a community where drill operators and owners can share their stories — their successes, challenges, best practices — in order to create a worldwide community and build camaraderie.”

Navigator Nation first launched in January 2013 as a campaign and video contest to promote HDD and the skilled professionals who contribute to the industry. The website was created to show the passion and expertise drill operators have for their profession and elevate awareness for the new generation of HDD operators. The progression of Navigator Nation is about connecting operators with other professionals in the industry.

Anyone can join Navigator Nation; however, the site is limited to HDD-related content. Users register using one of their existing social media accounts (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Yahoo!). Once registered, operators can upload photos and video from a desktop or mobile device; comment on other users’ posts and share on their personal social media sites; check in or post where their drill job is located; post statistics on projects, such as bore length, soil conditions and challenges; and pose questions and offer insights to others.
Vermeer plans to roll out new features later this year in order to enhance the user experience. Those new features include a news section that will cover current industry topics, operator pages where operators can share tips and best practices, and a game element that will allow users to earn badges for various activities such as engaging other users and pinning jobsite locations.

To join Navigator Nation, visit

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