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New Ditch Witch Tier 4 HDDs Engineered for Power and Productivity

Challenged to design Tier 4-compliant equipment, horizontal directional drill (HDD) engineers at Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, did more than simply meet compliance requirements. They met power demands and used it as an opportunity to design in additional features inspired by customers’ input. ditch witch rig

The new Ditch Witch Tier 4 HDD models further increase customers’ underground project productivity and competitiveness. Tier 4 engines are available on all models with the JT60 and JT100 coming in early 2016.

“We approached this engineering challenge by asking, ‘What redesigns would most benefit our customers?’ instead of focusing on how to quickly get Tier 4 models to market,” said Seth Matthesen, senior HDD product manager at Ditch Witch. “The result is Tier 4 HDD models that not only meet customers’ power and reliability requirements, but include customer-inspired enhancements that ease operation, service and productivity.”

For example, the SaverLok System within the new Tier 4 HDD models maintains the industry’s tightest connection between the drill pipe and drive system to protect against drill pipe wear and tear.

Heavy-duty anchor systems, open-top vise wrenches, improved HDD tooling, more intuitive operator interfaces, and more easily accessible service points simplify operation and servicing.

Engineers included a controller area network (CAN) system in many models as well as integrated remote displays to improve the operator’s ability to control and monitor equipment performance.

With the ability to bore through rock without a mud motor, Ditch Witch All Terrain drills meet the jobsite need to deliver the maximum amount of power to the bit, and to simultaneously drill and steer though mixed soil conditions and rock.
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