Cues - Avant - Logiball

Municipal Grout School Planned for March 2022

Avanti International, CUES and Logiball are partnering together for a two-day Municipal Sewer Grout School in Tavares, Florida.

Set to take place March 23-24, the school is for both newbies and veterans. Attendees can actively participate in each of the breakout and classroom sessions. An emphasis will be placed on grouting, safety, operating the equipment, testing/ troubleshooting equipment, making sure the chemical grout mix has the right mixture and how to determine how much grout is used per joint or lateral.

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The two-day session will present technical information on:

• Lateral and mainline Test and Seal packer operation and maintenance

• Mixing and optimizing AV-100 Acrylamide Grout performance

• Review and demonstration of new NASSCO/ICGA grout specifications

• Live infiltration and grout sealing demos

• New grout testing and monitoring information and methods

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Learn about the CUES EZ Grout Panel, which is instrumental for training with minimal learning curve, accurate recording and timing for air tests, packer pressure and injecting the grout properly.

To register, click this link.

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