Mr. Rooter of Seattle recently announced that it has adopted ACE DuraFlo’sePIPE technology and will immediately offer this unique pipe restoration processto its customers in King and Snohomish counties.

ePIPE technology involves applying an epoxy barrier coating to an existingplumbing system and prevents pinhole leaks, increases water flow and preventsthe leaching of heavy metals, such as lead into the water supply. It can beapplied to copper and galvanized pipes.

“ACE DuraFlo is excited to add Mr. Rooter of Seattle as an ACE DuraFlolicensed applicator of ePIPE. Mr. Rooter of Seattle has proven its work to beexcellent, dependable and up to the ACE DuraFlo standard in every way,” saysStuart Tucker, president of ACE DuraFlo Systems LLC.

ACE DuraFlo also recently announced a company milestone by restoring theplumbing in 3,000 homes in the United States since it began servicing theresidential market in 2001. With the addition of Mr. Rooter of Seattle, anestablished and well respected plumbing company serving the greater Seattlemarket for more than 16 years, ACE DuraFlo gains new momentum in Washingtonstate.

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